Cafeology are an exclusively ethical company. We specialise in the supply of the very finest ethical beverages. As our business is 100% ethical we offer a huge range of products, which carry many recognised marks such as Fairtrade, Soil Association and Rainforest Alliance mark to ensure the Cafeology product you enjoy really does make a difference to the farmers whose crops we buy. We truly believe in the importance of supporting all our producers, financially and professionally, and are proud to be able to offer one of the most comprehensive branded certified ethical range of professional ingredients available today.

Guatemalan Roast & Ground Coffee

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Glee - Cafeology Love Coffee Love Nature roast and ground coffee.jpg

Guatemalan Roast & Ground Coffee


Cafeology Guatemalan Roast & Ground Coffee

We have just launched a brand new, stunning shade-grown coffee to the UK and the rest of the world. £5.89 per 250g

Our 'Love Coffee, Love Nature' 100% premium Arabica gold standard 'bird friendly' coffee.

The coffee is triple certified by the Smithsonian Institution in Washington DC, the RSPB and Fairtrade. It's the first coffee the RSPB has certified for national retail and it really is something special (a donation from every tin goes straight to them

It's a single origin coffee sourced from Guatemalan producer Guaya'b - a cooperative of around 300 indigenous farmers in Huehuetenango near the Mexican border - and is grown in the shade, allowing the cherries longer to mature, making for a unique taste and excellent quality.

Coffee classed as 'shade grown' has specific requirements regarding factors such as tree height and diversity, foliage cover and canopy heights, helping to protect the rainforest habitats of native birds. A large percentage of coffee is sun-grown, leading to mass deforestation in farmers' attempts to produce coffee quickly due to pressures of demand, so shade-grown coffee helps to tackle that.

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