Life as a locked down coffee lover Part 2

Easter 2020 has certainly been different and very challenging for the whole world and very far removed from any that I experienced so far in my life. 

I am writing this blog in an effort to remain positive as personally I have so much to be thankful for plus hopefully shine some positive light to the readers but as you are all acutely aware these are very sad and worrying times. 

On a much lighter note I appear to have made a little progress in relation to growing mushrooms as I can see a faint glimmer of what appears to be mould in one of the corner so in which case garlic mushrooms may be back on the menu at the weekend.  Lets see what tomorrow mornings little peak shows it could even be breakfast! 







Personally, I have found sanctuary in the top corner of my garden which is a very tranquil and previously unused area however this has quickly become my favourite place for quiet contemplation and yes you’ve guessed it a beautiful hand roasted coffee. My brew of choice this morning was our Roastology Aviator blend which we have been awarded both three and two stars from the Great Taste Awards.  

I find this particular blend of arabica from Ethiopia, Honduras and Sumatra works wonderfully with a little piece (well go on then a large piece) of Easter egg at around 10.55 in a morning ! 

Our time in addition to drinking great Cafeology coffee and the odd glass of wine has been spent tirelessly developing and adapting our business at speed from dealing with business customers conversant with industry knowledge to people just like us all now finding themselves at home.  

We have adapted, tweaked, bolstered and all manner of other adjectives you can think to our online presence which I am pleased it getting better daily. However, the truth of the matter is that we are an independently owned business with genuine family values that will do all in its power to protect its team and deliver some exceptional quality coffees direct to our customers doors. What we are yet to learn in relation to our retail presence we definitely make up with in our product range, passion and provenance back to our producers all over the world.  

We have lived for the last 17 years with the strapline of ‘100% Ethical in all that we do’ and now as ever we feel that this helps to deliver our honest message that when you place an order it really does matter to us all. One thing to note is that if before 3pm you will get it the following day ! 

Anyway, anyone who does know me personally is aware that I love a little challenge so I have decided that now more than ever I need this to help me fill my days and feel a sense of achievement on a personal basis as well as work.  The two are inextricably linked really but my front door is certainly a personal matter that over the years has given me so many headaches as it leaks ! The door is made of oak and so is like having another human being living with us as it moves and creaks with the sun, wind and rain but now that it has reached maturity at 9 years old as the front to our house has settled down. So, now for the challenge as it requires to be sanded and looked after and made to look smart again so I shall hopefully be spending some summer evenings rubbing down and staining until it looks the part !  

My contingency plan for any potential wet weather is back to baking and my next plan is a Cafeology Colombian Coffee and Walnut cake. I must admit that I am not the best of bakers in the family that honour goes to my Mum, Sister and now passed down to my niece Hannah.  But I will give it a go.  

My recipe ideas so far on my more preferred savoury side has been the addition of a little crumbled  stilton the  top of a cottage pie along with browned leeks in the mash.  

Also I was pleased to invent a slow cooked pork shoulder recipe for my Nephew who is isolating in Sheffield during his final year at Sheffield Hallam University who sent a great picture on WhatApp of his plate which looked a good hearty portion. 

One thing that I have yet to mention is that coffee is not just great to drink but the by products of roasting the ‘chaff’ can be used to dig into your soil at this time of year along with spent coffee grounds as they act as a fertiliser adding nitrogen into the ground. 

Well its time to pick up some sandpaper or will be it be a garden hoe to dig in all evidence of my numerous cups of coffee today ! 



Until next time .. 

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