Making Tea from Coffee?

I first met Roberto since 2008 on my first trip to Costa Rica. The farm is located in the stunning Dota Valley at an elevation of 1550 meters above sea level. 

Roberto has been in coffee all his life, learning from his father who was a pioneer of coffee in the Tarrazu region, launching techniques and higher productivity varietals focusing on CaturraBorbon and Catuai. 

The farm which Roberto and his wife Doris acquired is 25 hectares in total across the stunning and famous Tarrazu region of Costa Rica. This region is one of the most highly regarded coffee growing areas worldwide. In many people's opinion, Costa Rican Coffee from Tarrazu is one of the world's greatest coffees with its light, clean flavour and wonderful fragrance. 

The fragrance however doesn’t finish in the cup. The attached pictures were taken on Wednesday 22 April showing the amazing coffee flowers. I called Roberto on a WhatsApp video call and saw the amazing sight first hand. 


I have never been lucky enough to see coffee in flower first hand but as with many of us working from home currently, the Cherry Blossom we have outside the house is a sight to behold – just not the same fragrance unfortunately. 

The flowering only lasts a couple of days a year and normally starts 10-11 days after the first rainfall of the season – Roberto told me he intends to sleep outside tonight (23 April) to enjoy the magnificent scent in the air and has promised to send us some petals to make some tea with! Who would have though making a cup of tea from dried coffee flowers, now there’s a treat we can look forward to! 


Bryan Unkles

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