One Year working at Cafeology

Today marks exactly one year since I started working with Cafeology. I work as an International Coffee Producer and here are the top five things, I’ve learnt so far:


  1. Communication is key


Even though our team is not extremely big, communication has always been vital! Working from two sites, I have found that we have had to communicate effectively to ensure that we can provide the best customer service. Without a doubt since we have got Microsoft Teams it has been way easier!


However, communication does not stop with our team here in the UK. It extends from here to our producers in Latin America. This is where I have tried to develop my role. Using my bilingual skills, I have connected us to our farmers and understood that the situation in which they live is essential to make sure the coffee we roast is the best quality. It has helped us to appreciate the effort behind every single green bean we receive here.


  1. Coffee taste better in a Chemex


Before, I was more of a cafetière kind of person. The only reason for this was because I didn’t know how to brew a coffee with a Chemex. Since I got one, it has changed my life! My morning coffee tastes so much smoother and better!


  1. The whole coffee cupping experience


Before starting I had no idea what they meant by aroma, acidity, purity, etc. For me, I either liked the coffee, or I didn’t. After a few coffee cuppings experiences I now understand (or at least I think I do!) what they mean by this. Coffee cupping is essential to understand the quality of the coffee. This year that I’ve been working at Cafeology I have had the experience of participating in a couple of cupping sessions. It’s been great and I still blindly choose the Colombian as my favourite origin (a little unconscious bias perhaps?).


  1. Every day at work is still a school day


Since I started my role at Cafeology, there isn’t a day that goes by which isn’t a challenge and a learning experience. I started working on different projects and on each project, there are always new things to learn. From new IT software to managing an online store to working on process maps - I have developed skills and the hands-on experience of working on all the different aspects of small medium enterprises.


  1. Adapting


With the current worldwide situation, we had to shift our work from B2B to B2C overnight. This meant that the whole mindset of the company had to change, and we had to adapt to a new working experience. For me, this meant working on what I loved the most in my spare time – digital marketing and developing a strategy to attract new customers through our online store. However, adapting has also meant working from home on my own and having that discipline to wake up early and have a routine as if I was going to the office. It’s been an interesting experience, but I can say that the whole team has adapted to this new lifestyle quickly and we have overcome many challenges in order to work together to make our company thrive.



My first year working with Cafeology has been an incredible and fulfilling learning experience. I am extremely grateful to Bryan and Toni for believing in me and letting me be part of this amazing and lovely Team-ology. It’s been great to participate in wonderful events such as Pacho’s (our Colombian farmer) visit to the UK to celebrate the 10th year working together but also on challenges like the current COVID-19 pandemic. I can’t wait to continue growing with this beautiful company and see what the future brings to all of us!


Daniela Orrego

International Coffee Producer


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  • Be strong, stay safe. HOPE, peace and love

    Barbara Mangles

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