Time to reflect on my first coffee adventure to Indonesia

It’s been nearly three years since visited Indonesia on my very first Coffee Origin trip. It’s hard to believe it was that long ago, sometimes it feels like only yesterday. A lot has changed in those three years, both professionally and personally.  


I will never forget the feeling of walking out into the coffee fields for the very first time and actually seeing the coffee cherry in real life. Still to this day it gives me goose bumps looking back. I’m still in contact with a lot of the guys that went on the origin trip and we occasionally share tips and advice and its always great to catch up with them at the coffee festivals around the world.  


It’s also been a journey personally since the trip, the most noteworthy would be the birth of my new son Seth. Its amazing being a Dad and has given me a different focus and passion for both work and at home. It’s also given me even more desire the very best ground coffee and the best coffee beans. 


Professionally, it’s been a tremendous journey since my trip, helping develop and grow the Roastology brand has been amazing. We have moved into new premises, bought another, bigger Diedrich coffee roaster, taken on new staff and for me, the most exciting thing is our product developmentThe range of green coffee beans we are now working with create some of the best coffee  in the UK 


My knowledge and skillset in the world of coffee is still developing but I have grown so much since the trip and I think that reflects in the coffee quality we produce. I don’t do as much of the day to day roasting as I once did, we now have three amazing coffee guys who have come in and filled that roll. We’ve got Alastair, Liam and James who all do an amazing job with pression and passion. Worry not though folks, its all done under close supervision as I like to pass my knowledge on to the team. Seeing the guys flourish as they get more involved in the roasting process gives me a huge amount of satisfaction, reinforcing the many of the reasons I’m involved in the greatest industry on earth.   


I’m super excited to be re-introducing and Sumatran coffee into our range. I love the flavour profile of Sumatrans, the Tano Bantak is caramel and chocolatey, good acidity with a hint of green apple. Indonesia and Sumatra will always have a special place in my heart and I will never forget that very first origin trip experience. 


Our Sumatran treat will be available in course ground coffee, fresh ground coffee and coffee beans 1kg. We will also be further developing it with our new blend as we continue to develop our espresso ground coffee by using the best coffee beans available. 


Its currently very challenging times across the globe with the Covid-19 outbreak and I wonder where the world will be in another three years, but I’m sure, wherever there is great green coffee available, you will find me and Roastology

 : -) Until the next journey, you will probably find me with a coffee and walnut cake at one of the nearby coffee shops  



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