Cafeology Guatemalan Roast Ground Coffee 250g

Cafeology Guatemalan Roast Ground Coffee 250g

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We have just launched a brand new, stunning shade-grown coffee to the UK and the rest of the world. Our 'Love Coffee, Love Nature' 100% premium Arabica gold standard coffee.


It's a single origin coffee sourced from Guatemalan producer Guaya'b - a cooperative of around 300 indigenous farmers in Huehuetenango near the Mexican border - and is grown in the shade, allowing the cherries longer to mature, making for a unique taste and excellent quality.

Coffee classed as 'shade grown' has specific requirements regarding factors such as tree height and diversity, foliage cover and canopy heights, helping to protect the rainforest habitats of native birds.

A large percentage of coffee is sun-grown, leading to mass deforestation in farmers' attempts to produce coffee quickly due to pressures of demand, so shade-grown coffee helps to tackle that.