'Three of Our Best '-  Colombian, Bird Friendly & Cooling Towers Coffee

'Three of Our Best '- Colombian, Bird Friendly & Cooling Towers Coffee

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We all have our favourites so we have put together a little treat for your tastebuds !

This wonderful collection of arguably our best.

Cooling Towers - This is our signature hand roasted coffee named after the iconic Sheffield Cooling Towers where our roastery proudly now stands. 

The magnificent blend of 100% arabica beans, directly traded from Colombia and Costa Rica, makes a perfect all day drinking coffee. Perfectly balanced with hints of citrus, red berries and brown sugar. Delicious taken black however offers hints of caramel with milk.

1 x 250g 

Cafeology Fairtrade Colombian Ground - Our original and some may say our best !

Sourced directly from our friend Pacho and his team at Asoapia in the Risaralda region of Colombia. This high grown coffee has a sweet acidity with a nutty flavour to create a beautifully fine easy drinking coffee of medium body.

1 x 227g

Cafeology Organic Peru Bird Friendly Shade Grown Peru Ground - Our award winning, shade grown, Bird Friendly Coffee which lives up to all the fuss !

This triple award winning coffee is grown organically at altitudes of between 1600 - 1800 meters and is sun ripened in the shade under a minimum of 13 metres of natural tree canopy. This slow maturation of the coffee cherries results is a delicious complex coffee whilst ensuring that its cultivation encourages birds alongside biodiversity.

The delicate but complex flavours created by this bourbon coffee result in a delicious clean cup with high acidity with excellent body and a smooth balanced finish.

1 x 250g 

Suitable for

This omniground coffee is suitable for Cafetiere, AeroPress, Chemex and Hario.

Recycling Tip

As an added bonus you can keep the tin to store all your Roastology or Cafeology coffee as an airtight container.