Roastology Summer Season Blend
Roastology Summer Season Blend

Roastology Summer Season Blend

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Our Seasons Range -Roastology Summer Blend 

100% Arabica Speciality Coffee 

Our seasonal range captures the essence of our four seasons by carefully selecting our very finest arabica coffees and blending them together to bring a unique flavour.

A perfect blend of Brazilian, Colombian and Sumatran 100% arabica coffee. Medium roasted, subtle notes of nuts and tropical fruits come through this well balanced coffee.

In your cold brew; Immerse 45g of ground coffee to 600ml of cold water, let this brew for 16-20 hours for maximum effect. Sweet and smooth, notes of liquorice and chocolate

Available as :

Wholebean 250g which is suitable for all bean to cup machines or for grinding at home for use through an espresso machine.

Ground 250g  our pre ground coffee is suitable for Cafetiere, Aeropress, Hario, Chemex or mocha pot.