Carbon Neutral Pledge

We'd like to introduce Liam, he's our Sustainability Manager driving us towards our Carbon Neutral by 2025 pledge.

After graduating from Sheffield University with a first in Biology, Liam joined Cafeology in 2019 as a Coffee Production Specialist, which has seen him become a proficient coffee roaster and develop his skills within the industry. 

Liam planting daffodils in upcycled whiskey barrel at Cafeology HQ

With an unrivalled passion for the environment, Liam is the perfect ambassador to spearhead our journey to becoming Carbon Neutral by 2025.

Cafeology endeavours to be 100% ethical in everything we do, so becoming carbon neutral is something that we believe every business should be striving towards as soon as possible. It is our moral duty as a species to ensure that our planet is protected for future generations and businesses must play their part in combating anthropomorphic climate change. Therefore, it is our goal to become carbon neutral by end of 2025.

Coffee chaff on it's way to Norton Lees allotment

Just over 3 years is not a very long time, however we genuinely believe this is achievable through challenging work, careful planning and our ingenuity. By calculating our annual carbon emissions, we can compensate for our current emissions, as well as reduce these emissions by implementing new processes & technologies (or by altering pre-existing ones to be greener). Then, overtime we will thoroughly monitor and review our progress in order help maintain carbon neutrality alongside the economic growth of the company.


 Home-made compost pile

Our Carbon Pledge is an evolving document and we will continue to update our pledge with new achievements and innovations, as well as endeavour to add new ideas. Every year we will release an updated version of our pledge, so that you can see our progress. The path towards becoming a more sustainable business takes time and is made of many little steps, but in the end those little steps will culminate in us achieving Carbon neutral status.

Hessian sacks on the way to K & H Ellis jute recyclers