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Sumatra Single Origin

Origin Information:

Country: Indonesia
Region: Lingtong, Lake Toba Region, Northwest Sumatra
Varieties: Jember, Ateng, Bergandaal
Process: Giling basah (wet hulled)

Medium dark roast with an earthy, sweet flavour, chocolate, herbal, clean earthy, spicy body, creamy mild acidity.

Available as :

Whole bean & Ground

(grind size suitable for Cafetiere, Aeropress, V60, Chemex or mocha pot).

Pack Sizes :

250g or 1kg.

Steve Hampshire, Head of Coffee says.....

“I personally love this coffee, as each sip takes me right back to Indonesia.  This was the first coffee I saw growing in the mountains, therefore giving me such a strong affinity to this amazing place and coffee.  I truly fell in love with Sumatra, the people and the coffee”.

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