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100% single origin Colombian arabica coffee

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Sourced from the Cauca region, the green coffee has been stored in empty Whisky casks from the Speyside Cooperage for just the right length of time.

Allowing the raw green bean to absorb the wonderful whisky aromas has elevated this fantastic coffee to a whole new level.

Super smooth and with a gentle citrus start, milk chocolate and a beautifully balances whisky sweetness. Hints of oak and vanilla come through with a lasting dark chocolate finish.

Perfect for that after dinner coffee. 0% ABV.

Steve, Head of Coffee says...

“I have spent a lot of time in the development of this stunning coffee along with our friends at Speyside Cooperage to ensure we age the coffee perfectly giving a subtle sweetness enjoyed by this infusion. The care taken gives a wonderful balance of sweetness without overtaking the wonderful Colombian coffee used”.