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Beautifully infused with whisky notes to create a unique flavour.

Origin Information
County: Colombia
Region: Cacua
Producer Group: Cencoic
Altitude: 1700-1900 masl
Varietals: Caturra, Colombia, Tabi & Castillo
Harvest: April - June
Process: Washed

Unroasted Colombian coffee is left to rest in a used bourbon cask sourced from Speyside cooperage.

The unroasted green coffee absorbs sweet, boozey notes from inside a spent whisky barrel. Sample roasts are taken at various points before we are happy to run a full production roast

Super smooth and with a gentle citrus start, milk chocolate and a beautifully balances whisky sweetness. Hints of oak and vanilla come through with a lasting dark chocolate finish.

Available as :

Whole bean & Ground

(grind size suitable for Cafetiere, Aeropress, V60, Chemex or mocha pot).

Pack Sizes :


Steve, Head of Coffee says...

“I have spent a lot of time in the development of this stunning coffee along with our friends at Speyside Cooperage to ensure we age the coffee perfectly giving a subtle sweetness enjoyed by this infusion. The care taken gives a wonderful balance of sweetness without overtaking the wonderful Colombian coffee used”.