Colombian coffee bags in a box
Peruvian coffee bags in a box.
Colombian coffee bags in box next to Cafeology mug
Black 8g coffee bag sachets
Black Peruvian coffee bag sachets

Cafeology Coffee Bags - (now available with a dispense box or in bulk)

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Cafeology Eco Coffee Bags - The New Standard in Single Serve Coffee

Our Cafeology Coffee Bags are the most convenient and easy way to enjoy a delicious cup of Cafeology ground coffee. While most brewing methods pass hot water through coffee grounds to create a final product, our coffee bags submerge in hot water very similar to making a cup of tea. 

The fully compostable coffee bags contain an individual serving of directly traded, speciality ground coffee and placed in a single mug of hot water for 3+ minutes.

The coffee bags have several advantages including very little preparation removing the need for complicated and sometimes bulky brewing equipment.

All you need is access to hot water to make the perfect cup of coffee to enjoy at home or away.

Our Fairtrade Coffee Bags are available in single origin Colombian or Peruvian Organic Bird Friendly, giving the very best flavour from a fully compostable coffee bag.

Each dispenser box contains 20 individually wrapped 8g coffee bags or if your prefer to refill or reduce cardboard you can buy in bulk as boxed as 200 bags. 

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