Roastology Winter Season Blend
Roastology Winter Season Blend

Roastology Winter Season Blend

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New From Our Seasons Range -Roastology Winter  Blend

100% Arabica Speciality Coffee

Our seasonal range captures the essence of our four seasons by carefully selecting our very finest arabica coffees and blending them together to bring a unique flavour.

Coffee from three continents make up this rich chocolatey full bodied coffee with a jammy mouthfeel and hints of red berries. Using a mix of Natural and washed coffees gives a wonderfully balanced coffee, lovely for these winter days.

Steve our head of coffee says, 'Perfect brewed through the cafetiere, extra body and full of flavour. Try this as your Espresso Martini base…. you won’t be disappointed'

Available as :

Wholebean 250g which is suitable for all bean to cup machines or for grinding at home for use through an espresso machine.

Ground 250g  our pre ground coffee is suitable for Cafetiere, Aeropress, Hario, Chemex or mocha pot.